How to take care of your car engine in summer?

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How to take care of your car engine in summer?

Generally, many people are very passionate about their cars and they take care of them like their children. They want to do all those things which would help them in keeping their car in top condition

In this article we would discuss few important aspects which you should consider while maintaining your car. These aspects might seem quite simple but if you don’t keep enough note of it, they might have a negative impact on your in the long run. Hence, for a trouble-free experience, it is imperative to check on these important aspects and take action whenever it is necessary.

The hotter months pose few challenges to individual transportation and maintenance as the hot temperatures and low coolant levels can make your car hot. Thus, the danger of your engine being overheated are reasonably high and this would have an impact on your AC too. At this point of time your car needs a lot of protection and care from the heat and also from the hot sun.

In summer the engine belt can turn out to be loose or it might make noises. You should make sure that the engine belt must have the correct pressure and it should be in great condition. You should also ought to supplant the engine belt if it is worn out/broken down.

In case if you notice that your car’s engine is being overheated then you should move your car to a sheltered spot and turn off the engine and wait for at least 20-30 before restarting the engine.

Many individuals do not understand that one of the most fundamental and basic things that they can do for their car is to check and re-fill the coolant liquid at regular intervals. The coolant/liquid catalyst is most critical to keep your vehicle moving in great condition even in extreme temperature.

Apart from checking the degree of coolant liquid in your car, you should also review the condition of the hoses and the coolant supply. You should look out for spills particularly at joints and connection points. Likewise, when the engine is in cool state, squeeze the hoses to ensure they feel firm and not in exorbitantly delicate condition. This activity should be done once in a while to avoid any breakdown.

Engine oil is very important fluid in the car. It is responsible for the smooth running of the car’s engine. It is generally used to reduce the friction between engine parts and help the engine to remain in a cool state. It is generally advised that you should change your engine oil and oil filter, in case if you did not pay attention to change it for a long time. Regular change of aged oil with fresh oil would help your car engine run as smoothly as possible.

Check out the oil level in your car regularly. In case if the oil level is low, you have to top up the oil level. At any given point of time if you notice that colour of the oil is very dark, then its time to get it replaced.

There is generally a serpentine belt that runs between the alternator, the fan and a few different segments. It can fall apart, begin to screech, become loose, and it may even simply break for no obvious reason. You should make sure that it would be in a right condition and at the perfect measure of tension. In case if you notice any splits in the belt or little pieces missing, then it is the ideal time to supplant the belt.